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Allow us to introduce ourselves, and thank you for considering The Lorelton for your forever home.

Built in 1932, The Lorelton’s building was originally the historic Charles B. Lore Elementary School.  Taking up an entire city block, our amazing architectural structure gives residents not only a great deal of space, but each apartment features high ceilings and endless walls of windows.  We realize one of the hardest adjustments we ever have to make is downsizing, but we’ve taken that into consideration for you.  Our spacious apartments allow you to keep your most cherished items right by your side.

Unlike chain owned facilities, The Lorelton is owned by a local foundation.  We don’t have an impersonal corporate entity giving us “cookie cutter” type rules on what activities we should have, where we need to order our food or how we need to prepare or serve it.   We’re not trying to knock the other guys, but our philosophy is to talk to our residents and staff about their preferences.  We try to incorporate what they want into the day.  For example, we play bingo, but we also play golf!  (We aren’t trying to brag, but yes, we do have enough space for some highly attended putting!)  We like to try new things and are always open to suggestions! 

Although The Lorelton Foundation is Not-for Profit, affordable and fun, we never cut corners when it comes to our staff. Each one of our dedicated professionals knows what it means to place your trust in us.  It doesn’t surprise us at all that we have families who’ve been with us for over 25 years! Whether you’re looking for a little or a lot of help, or perhaps no help at all, check us out for yourself!  We’ve got privacy when you want to be alone, and people nearby when you want to share experiences.  If you’re looking for a dedicated, caring, home-like community with friendly staff, residents and families, then look no further, because you’ve come to the right place! 

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Lorelton Welcome Packet

Please call or email Jenniffer McFall for our Welcome Packet or 302-573-3580



Please email us at

Please put the individuals name in the subject line and we will notify the family and send you a donation receipt for tax purposes.  We appreciate your generosity!  Thank you!!!!!

The Lorelton is a 501©3 not for profit corporation.  Donations to The Lorelton can be tax deductible.


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